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What is Aguaje? How to get Aguaje?

 Aguaje. Selling of Aguaje Powder and Capsules.

AGUAJE or "Buriti" (Mauritia flexuosa), is a south-american palm tree that has an intense, acid-sweet flavor, and a high value source of A, C, and E vitamins. It also has high concentrations of oleic acid(omega 9). Besides being one of the most liked fruits in the Amazon(if not THE most liked, since you can literally find it anywhere, in small shops, restaurants, and such, and you do find it in many different presentations, such as ice-cream, extract juice, fluor, and of course the raw fruit), it is common to hear that the Aguaje fruit has many benefical qualities as a hormonal regulator. By having a high value on phytoestrogens, the effects of the fruit become more notorious on the female gender. Peru's native culture has used this plant for hundreds of years, and they attribute it with palliative qualities for dealing with menopause symptoms, as they also claim that the fruit increases fertility.

The aguaje fruit must not be consumed in excess. It is therefore recommended to not exceed 3 to 5 units of raw fruit. Also, you should always procure that the fruit itself is well treated and cleaned off from impurities. A great way to benefit from this plant's nutrients is by consuming Aguaje Powder. In this case, the daily dose should not exceed from 3 to 5 teaspoons. Aguaje Powder can be used as a nutritional complement. It is also a good idea to consume it in capsules. Aguaje Powder's benefit is that it has a higher lifetime, since it is pure & dehydrated fruit; it won't loose its beneficial properties.

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  1. Please be careful as to where you purchase your aguaje from as there are many fakes out there, especially on ebay. I have purchased from 2 sellers on there and both products made me very ill. I really don't think they were 100% pure and real. It's such a shame that ebay allows people to carry this product on their site but I guess in the end it's all out the all mighty dollar. Please only purchase from trusted websites, talk with your friends and see who they're purchasing from. Most of all, stay clear from ebay, your health will thank you. Over all, it's a great product that produces great results and I am truly happy with my results. Camila

  2. I went to the websites from where I wanted to order, they are in spanish! Can you fix that, I dont comprehend spanish! Thanks.